Advantage of Brass Parts

Brass has great properties which make them highly preferred in the industry and other application areas. The brass parts and components are easy to manage and provide a great attractive look at the location where they are used. This is because of the shiny yellow shade that it gives which make it look like gold. The parts made from brass have corrosion resistance and have good malleability. Other than this there are various other advantages that make brass part and components demanded in the market and industries. Some of the most common advantages of the brass parts are:

High strength

During the forging process, the metal is worked twice under huge pressure first during the rod extrusion and after that during the manufacturing. The double working under pressure compresses the metal and delivers an exceptionally thick and refined grain or fiber structure. The rigidity of the parts is in this way expanded, and protection from effect and scraped area is upgraded.

Low cost

The production when done in high quantity saves a lot of money. Also the amount of zinc in it helps to reduce the cost and smaller quantity of copper in the alloy is economical.

Leak Resistant

 The brass part is prepared with great care and the density of metal allows reducing the risk of leakage or any void space in the product. Other than this the part is light in weight and can be made easily having less production cost.

Other than this there are several other advantages of brass components like :

Easy to work with


Gives great look


Corrosion resistance


Special properties


Attractive appearance for décor


Less cost


High temperature bearing capacity


Tarnish resistant


Good flexibility


Great acoustic property


Low friction co-efficient


No spark struck


High durability